Saturday, October 8, 2011

Neuron Videos

Neuron videos I made while volunteering at Roskamp Institute. I work with scientists to provide them with 3D models and animations for seminar presentations. The videos were done using Maya 2012 and Adobe Premiere CS5.
Labeled Neuron Vesicle

Neurotransmission with vesicle detail


Labeled Neuron

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For every red there's a blue

Digital Painting of my boyfriend and I made using a traditional drawing and modified with Photoshop. I used a photograph as reference.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Concept Development II

Assignments for Concept II

Montage Animatic about one time that I fell from the roof when I was around 12 years old because I was trying to get my cat.

Idea about a salvadorian nanny who gets insulted when looking at the nude statues at a park.

Idea of a personal experience about a time when my mom adopted a little girl for a year and how happy she was of her new life, while I was always jealous and spoiled.
Idea from the news about a lady who slips on her own drink that she threw at her boyfriend and ends up getting money for it from the restaurant.
Joke idea: fresh worms for dinner.
Idea about a tribal boy who is able to tame a lion and become leader of the tribe with the help of mice.

Animatics to learn about editing techniques:

Contrast Animatic

Leit Motif Animatic

Parallelism Animatic

Simultaneity Animatic

Symbolism Animatic

House designs for the editing animatics

Adaptation Animatic about Louis XIV and Apollo, adapted from the story of Athena and Arachne.

Designs for the Adaptation Animatic

Computer Animation II

Assignments for Computer Animation II

The exercise was to animate a hand pointing, the model and rig was given to us. I had a little fun and added a story in it, somebody grounding a kid and telling him to go to his room.

I had a lot of fun animating this walk. Inspired by a youtube video I found which can be seen below.

The youtube video I used as reference followed by my own take on it.

The assignment was to animate a head turn. Again, I added a little story to it inspired by my studious brother. I modified the model by enlarging the head, adding the glasses, and changing the textures.

The assignment was to animate a take, our model Artie getting surprised by something. I got inspired by other videos I found on youtube which can be seen below.

The very funny reference I used for my take assignment.

Here is how we had to turn in the previous four assignments.

Modeling assignment, we had little robot bankers as reference.

My original goblin design for the assignment of having a character sit down and stand up in a story sequence.

I also sculpted my character to use as reference when modeling. This was made using Super Sculpey.

The storytelling image for the Sit Stand Project.

The goblin finally modeled.

First pass textures.

First pass textures close-up.

The final Sit Stand assignment. I had a lot of fun with it and really enjoyed animating a fantasy character.

My night version of the Cemetery assignment. In this assignment I modified models that were provided to us, textured them and lit the scene.

Dusk version of the Cemetery assignment.

Still life assignment. Modified and added models given to us, textured and lit the scene.

Traditional Animation II

Assignments for Traditional Animation II

My first assignment, the camel walk cycle. This was a lot of fun.

Second assignment, lion run cycle.

Pantomime assignment.

Character sheet for the lip sync project.

Lip sync assignment.

The pose test for the dance project using the same character as the lip sync assignment.

My dance project.

The final dance assignment with different student dance projects put together in one.

Computer Animation I

Assignments for Computer Animation I:

My very first assignment using Maya.

The primitive theater assignment. We had to create a little story with two simple shape characters.

The penguin model, we used a little penguin toy as reference and it had to look exactly the same.

The simple poly trifecta exercises:

Concept Development I

Final storytelling image for an animatic based on the story of Athena and Arachne.

Re-staging exercise with different perspective.

Another re-staging exercise.

First storytelling image for the thief animatic.

Second storytelling image.

Tristan, the hungry seagul character sheet.

Caesar the spoiled cat character sheet.
Final Athena and Arachne animatic.

The frog story animatic.

The rodents animatic done with photo references.

The photo references for the rodents animatic.

The ravens story animatic.

The final thief animatic.

Creative Geometry

Some projects for Creative Geometry Class:

Traditional Animation I Assignments

More traditional animation assignments...

Traditional Kitty Extra Credit

Extra Credit for Traditional Animation I

Traditional Head Turn

Head Turn Assignment

Traditional Flour Sacks

Flour Sack Assignments in Traditional Animation I

Traditional Ball Bounces

Bouncing Balls

The Ticket

Project done for one of my film classes I took at Bunker Hill Community College.

Second Semester at Ringling

The work I did for Observational Color and some other classes.